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As usual, this is a worthy read.

As someone who started working in traditional media as early as 2010, I can tell you that things have indeed changed, and it didnt start today. As a matter of fact, I can bodly say I rode on the wave of media change into journalism because Daily Trust hired me in 2010 as a part of a team to lead their media evolution (which I think you may look at as an example of how media organisations evolve). Over the years they have changed so much that all their titles (Daily, Saturday, Sunday) have been collapsed into one and their main channel is now their website, which was once regarded as a mere side project when the Online Team was formed. They introduced paid subscriptions more than 7 years ago and now own a fledgeling TV channel as well. It has been a long journey of metamorphosis for them. They recognised change early and made moves. How effective remains to be seen.

User research is some aspect where many have failed. Many think about the product in the sense of what they can create, not what the user needs. The result of this is that they get lost in the sea of other egotistical products that eventually yield them no profit.

Thank you for this! I think anyone in the media space not currently subscribed here is missing out because I learn every time I come here.

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Another excellent piece David!

Reading this, it made me think about journalism and its evolution. I've always felt the hesitation from newsrooms to become more user-centered in their operations is due to the profession's 'elitism'. Most incumbents fall into that cycle. But then, articles like these are helpful because they proffer ideas and paradigm shifts that are necessary for the business and practice of journalism to thrive today.

We need thriving journalism and anything that can strengthen it is very welcome. At least that's how I think of it.

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