What’s Communiqué about?

Communiqué is a publication that analyses the media and technology in Africa.

It’s the perfect resource for entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, and operators looking to make sense of the opportunities within the African media and tech ecosystem.

Since inception, Communiqué readers have learned about Paystack’s media strategy, the opportunities in Africa’s creator economy, and how Netflix is approaching its market in Africa.

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  1. Ideas and opportunities. There are high-quality ideas and opportunities for anyone looking to understand how to build great media and tech businesses in an emerging economy. Communiqué gives you the insight and resources you need while exposing you to the frameworks for working through those ideas.

  2. Community. As a subscriber, you will connect with some of the smartest and most ambitious entrepreneurs and operators on the continent.

  3. Smart analysis. In a noisy world, Communiqué brings you analysis crafted with care and attention to detail, expert reporting, and research.

Here’s what people are saying

  • "David's dispatches from the African tech scene introduce me to companies and entrepreneurs who are as fascinating as they are unfamiliar. The sharp analysis and quality-over-quantity approach to newslettering makes it stand out." - Casey Newton, Publisher, Platformer.

  • “As a marketing and communications consultant who gives strategic advice to clients on content and media, Communiqué provides me with actionable insights on the African media landscape.” - Femi Falodun, CEO at ID Africa.

  • “Communiqué is arguably the most valuable resource to understanding the trends and changes we’re seeing in African media.” - Ope Adedeji, Former Managing Editor at Paystack.

  • “As a media entrepreneur and community catalyst within Africa’s tech and innovation scene, I’ve found the insights and commentary provided by Communiqué useful and stimulating.” - Andile Masuku, Head of Community at Founders Factory Africa.

  • "I wish everyone in media in Africa read Communiqué - we need practitioners to better understand how this industry works. Communiqué is to media and creator economy education what Jason Njoku is to the tech space!" - Marie Lora-Mungai, Founder & CEO at Restless Global

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