Hello David,

Just subscribed to the Communiqué.

Key question. Insightful article.

Main point here for me is if money will be pulled out from African content customers then more than the content itself has to be put out.

Like you said Multichoice is the outlier not the norm. Though I think it’s not just because of what they know but because of customer behaviour. Paying for a subscription is not much of a thing if you’ve paid for the set-top box.

Comparing Showmax subscriptions with DStv should validate this.

Thanks David.

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Oh my days. This was such a brilliant read. Such beautiful analysis! Thank you David. This was really good.

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Thank you for the kind words and for reading.

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This was brilliant to read!

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Jun 11, 2021Liked by David I. Adeleke

Okay, David, as usual, you got me in this article because I have also spent many moments thinking about how to create a media/information product that balances advertising revenue with subscriptions revenue.

My main takeaway is the issue of the absence of talent to create content worth paying for. In a world where there is more free content than sold content, it takes real creativity to create a sellable product. I think we can take a cue from the comedy industry where several success stories have emerged, all hinged on creativity.

Thank you David.

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